Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT)

LPT Training has a very intensive approach to exploitation and Pentesting and is set in an environment which has very high security.
Being an LPT (Master) means that you can find chinks in the armour of defence-indepth network security models with the help of network pivoting, making exploit codes work in your favour, or by writing Bash, Python, Perl, and Ruby scripts. The exam demands that you think on your feet, be creative in your approach, and not rely on the conventional techniques. Outsmarting and out manoeuvring the adversary is what sets you apart from the crowd. This completely hands-on exam offers a challenge like no other by simulating a complex network of a multi-national organization in real time. 

LPT Program
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LPT Program

About the Program

The LPT (Master) is the world’s first fully online, remotely proctored LPT (Master) practical exam, which challenges the candidates through a grueling 18 hours of performance based, hands-on exam categorized into three practical exams for six-hour duration each, which will test your perseverance and focus by forcing you to outdo yourself with each new challenge. The exam requires the candidates to demonstrate a methodical approach to test and validate security defenses. The LPT (Master) exam is developed with close collaboration with SMEs and practitioners around the world after a thorough job role, job task, and skills-gap analysis.

Course Content


Module 01 :  Need for Security Analysis   Module 11 : Internal Network Penetration Testing
Module 02 : TCP/IP Packet Analysis   Module 12 : Firewall Penetration Testing
Module 03 : Penetration Testing Methodologies   Module 13 : IDS Penetration Testing
Module 04 : Customers and Legal Agreements   Module 14 : Password Cracking Penetration Testing
Module 05 : Rules of Engagement   Module 15 : Social Engineering Penetration Testing
Module 06 : Penetration Testing Planning and Scheduling   Module 16 : Web Application Penetration Testing
Module 07 : Pre-penetration Testing Steps   Module 17 : SQL Penetration Testing
Module 08 : Information Gathering   Module 18 : Penetration Testing Reports and Post Testing Actions
Module 09 : Vulnerability Analysis   Module 19 : Need for Security Analysis 
Module 10 : External Penetration Testing    


LPT Credential

LPT (Master) Credential

  • Successful candidates will receive the LPT (Master) Welcome Kit consisting of:
  • Printed Certificate
  • Welcome Letter
  • Lapel Pin
  • The LPT (Master) license is valid for 2 years. After the initial 2 years, members will have to renew their LPT (Master) license by remitting the annual USD 320 renewal fee.
Training Options


Classroom Training.
Online Training.
Free Demo Class.

Who can take the LPT (Master) exam?

To be eligible to apply to attempt the LPT (Master) Exam, candidate must either:

  • Be an ECSA member in good standing.
  • Or, Attend the Advanced Penetration Testing course.
  • Or, possess a minimum of 2 years of Penetration Testing work experience in Penetration Testing (You will need to pay USD100 as a non-refundable application fee);
  • Or, possess any other industry equivalent certifications such as OSCP or GPEN cert (You will need to pay USD100 as a non-refundable application fee)